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Order High Quality, Best, Cheapest Articles from the World’s Greatest Writers

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How to create high quality content articles

Ever wondered why people love some websites while they show no regard to other websites? Now that you are here, you must be interested in creating high quality content for your website or other articles. The approach is the same.

Many people, including the world’s most famous individuals like Bill Gates, can confirm t you that “content is king.” I have to admit this allusion too or else what I am going to tell you shall make no sense. People go inline to search for the best content. Search engines index the best content and place it among the topmost results found for a specific search query. No normal webmaster can link to content that is not link-worthy. We all know that content means much more than ability to rank high in Google Search; content enriches your readers.

This post aims to explain the meaning of quality internet content, its importance and how to write awesome content. Before I go further than this, I would like to let you know that there are many types of web content. Photos, videos, audio files and written text are just a few examples I can mention here. This post focuses on written content only.

A. Preparation necessary for quality content writing

Just coming from nowhere and starting to write an article is the most suicidal mistake a person can ever commit in the evolving world of high quality content writing. Just like any formal business, adequate preparation is necessary if at all you want to create an impact in this world.

Before you start anything, make a written draft of what your perceived article should look like. You must note that the final product may not look exactly as the initial framework. As you go through the process of writing, you learn many new things which are likely to change the structure of your work. Be flexible enough.

Therefore, before you start writing anything, consider the following:

2. Identify the type of audience and their needs

You must know your target audience before concocting anything. This goes a long way in ensuring that the article becomes palatable and able to meet their needs. As I stated earlier, any content however long is useless if it cannot add value to the lives of your readers. Make sure you do not just write your article to fill the internet pages and attract search engines and online traffic. Provide content that can make the hearts of your readers to skip a beat. Make them happy that they stopped by and checked your content.

It is wrong for you to build content and then try to attract people to read it. It should be don the other way round! You must know what people want and then build content to provide solutions for their needs.

In order to create content that people can like and share across all media, then you must target a specific group of people and provide exactly what they want.

How to identify your audience:

  • Through your own intuition
  • By studying the surrounding and identifying problems
  • Identifying your hobby and getting what needs to be done
  • Through social platforms, blog posts and other media
  • Through divine calling

You may identify what your audience needs by using the following methods:

  • Carrying out thorough research on your target audience
  • Asking your readers for feed-backs on what needs to be covered
  • Sending out surveys to your followers
  • Conducting case studies
  • Listening to your audience and identifying their needs

There are many types of audiences. You can generally classify according to age, level of education, geographical location, gender, leisure and sporting activities, interaction with the environment among other factors. Make sure you identify the main factors influencing their lives, their needs and their objectives.

2. Conduct an in depth research

Nothing can be as frustrating as trying to write something that you have no knowledge about. Your readers are most likely to identify your imperfect nature and click away from your article without ever thinking of returning. Great content takes some time of proper research to manufacture.

Follow the following steps in conducting your research to create the best content:

  • Select a suitable topic by considering your target audience and what your readers want
  • Check authoritative sources and seek for what has already been said to avoid repetition or regurgitation of the exact content
  • Identify research gaps and the outstanding problems that have not been answered effectively
  • Research gaps make your content unique and appealing to your audience
  • Choose a sub-topic for each problem identified and start working on the possible solutions
  • Take time in your research so that the points are at your fingertips
  • Meanwhile, make draft notes on your proceedings.

B. Start the Writing Process

Start by filling in the skeletal framework of the draft that you developed if it has not changed by now. In case your framework changes, adjust and start filling it with information.

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